The benefits of adding Chat Badge to your website

Increase sales

Real-time conversation with your website visitors allows you to understand their
needs, increase empathy, attract new customers and cross-sell products.
The bottom line is increased sales.

Improve customer service

Offer live help directly in real-time. Customers love speaking to a 'real' person.
You will really understand your customers needs.
Customers aren't forced to wait 'on hold' or wait for an email reply to get the help they need.

Reduce costs

Using Chat Badge for sales and support costs much less than by telephone or email.
Questions are answered faster. And you can chat with multiple customers at the same time.
Staff can be located anywhere in world, working flexibly anywhere with a browser and internet connection.

Improve Usability

Help your website visitors find what they need, before getting frustrated and leaving your website.
Your website becomes easier and more satisfying to use. Everyone is happier!

Simple to add to your website

Nothing to install. Less than 5 minutes to set up.
All upgrades are automatic, and free.